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Blethering with Annie #6

I've had some workmen in the house this week. Never tidy at the best of times I misplaced my diary. During my half hearted dusting, when they left yesterday, I found said diary and realised my blog deadline was today.

There ensued a wee panic. What could I write about that wouldn't have you dozing into your coffee?

I thought I could tell folk what I've been doing since we last spoke but what had I done?

I've wittered on before about it being the wee things that matter and I'm a huge believer that it is but then that's not always very exciting when I'm trying to keep you awake. So here goes...

I visited a friend in her garden in Edinburgh (when it was still allowed). A lovely friend and a lovely afternoon. I didn't want to compromise her household so I didn't let on I needed the bathroom. I was never so happy to see the Park and Ride at Ferrytoll on my way back into the Kingdom.

I went for a wild swim with another friend and her daughters at Elie. Cold but amazing and it made me so happy. It made me feel like I was a wee girl again in Portobello where I was brought up. The fish suppers afterwards in Anstruther were magic too. I knew Fife was a wonderful place and it just keeps getting better.

I had another afternoon in Edinburgh to see a friend's daughter who was visiting from Dubai. I've never been and it sounds like a wonderful place (it even has an M&S) but it would seem their lockdown has been even more severe than ours.

I managed to visit my CSC friend another three times before the government restrictions put a stop to that (hopefully short term). Visiting "D" my friend is always great (all his stories and life experiences are fascinating) however sometimes enroute (in case it's not obvious I'm a bus girl) I've seen deer, beautiful skys and landscapes and more tractors than I've ever seen and usually full of carrots? For a historical towne like me it's a joy.

Well keep enjoying the wee things and the slightly bigger wee things too.

Here's hoping you're still awake,

Take care

(as I do as I always follow the guidelines in all my visiting/interactions).

Anne 😊

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