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Our Background

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Companionship : is having someone you know and like with you, rather than being on your own.    Collins English Dictionary.

Care and Share Companionship came to be after I became redundant from a large UK wide charity.

It was difficult to adjust to the fact I was leaving a post that I loved and was passionate about.

I had skills and experience in managing and promoting a volunteer service, engaging with families and volunteers and was passionate about helping those who needed support.

We know people are living longer, family dynamics have changed – more people are living away from home, people who have shared a lifetime together now find themselves as one.  Confidence, self-esteem and health can all be affected.  Who is there to support and care?  Statutory services do a fantastic job however, we know how stretched they are, and they have time restraints.

It has been a long path, sometimes bumpy, however with the support of family, friends, local councillors, MSP’s, FVA, Brag, people I met through my previous role…. and of course, Google!

We have a Board of Trustees and we are funded by the Health & Social Care Partnership.  We have also received donations from organisations and families of the people we visit.

We have been an active charity since April 2019 and are slowly setting our foundations in the Kirkcaldy area.  We provide a free support service.

Going forward we would like to connect with local businesses as well as people living in the community who may have a few hours to volunteer,  give suggestions or ideas to support us in tailoring our support to the needs of people over the age of 60.

Moving forward we would like to introduce regular afternoon get togethers with entertainment opening it up to the wider community as well as the people we support.

We hope to gain the reputation of being a warm, friendly and family oriented charity.


Teresa Naylor

Founder & Service Manager

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