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What We Do

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A few of the friends we support

We all know the benefits of sitting socially chatting, laughing and sharing experiences, how good it makes you feel. To just sit and have a blether! We offer 1-1 support visits in the home or take the person out locally for shopping, appointments, to visit friends or introduce them to groups of interest in their community.

We will connect with people living in the community to support their community by volunteering their time.  We feel that the most important aspects of being a volunteer is sharing time, listening and building a rapport with the people they support.  It is looking beyond the wrinkles, the grey hair or disability and tapping into the essence of the person.  To make them feel valued and visible.  Volunteers bring a whole wealth of knowledge, life experience and skills to share both with us and those they visit. We offer expenses, ongoing training, regular peer support meetings, social outings within a caring, friendly, supportive environment.



  • Over the age of 60

  • Living in isolation and loneliness

  • Who lack self-confidence and have low self esteem

  • Who are living with a terminal illness (and to provide respite to those who care for a family member or loved one and need a little "me" time.

  • 1-1 Companionship

  • Shopping trips

  • Companionship to health appointments, hairdressers or visiting friends

  • Going to places of interest i.e. library, local exhibitions, local theatre, events or a bite to eat

  • Telephone support

Support :

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