Meet Our Volunteer Companions

Care and Share Companionship Kirkcaldy

Sue - Volunteer

"A few hours of my time is all I give, it's not much as far as I'm concerned, but to my friend it's everything. Her world has become very small. The difference I can make is to take her out once a week. She looks forward to our outings, we're chatting, having a bit of fun, and always enjoy a cuppa.  I feel she's not quite as lonely any more. I think it's human nature to want to be helpful and kind to other people, and that helps us feel good about ourselves too. Volunteering brings out the best in me, and I like that."

Catherine - Volunteer

"I joined Care and Share to help me fill my days a little.  Did not expect it to give me as much pleasure as it does.  My lady, is charming and very much a lady. We both enjoy our time together, I leave smiling and more to the point so does she.  It’s a great charity that should be used a little more than it is."

Care and Share Companionship
Care and Share Companionship Kirkcaldy

Hazel - Volunteer

"Jean  says that I break up her day and enjoys my visits.  I feel it is a privilege to be invited into Jean's home.  It is like meeting up with a new friend."