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Blethering with Anne #1

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Hello Care and Share Companionship reader.

I'm Annie and 8 months ago I moved to North East Fife from Edinburgh. I love Edinburgh but I'm so happy I moved to your enchanting Kingdom. My new neighbours and the local people have been incredibly welcoming.

Having settled into my new environment I began to explore new places and to revisit old ones which held happy memories from previous outings.

One such trip took me back to Kirkcaldy and specifically the Mercat Shopping 


This is where I saw the Care and Share Companionship (CSC) stall. Normally I would have been too distracted with life to stop and speak to the ladies who were staffing same but my new world in Fife had given me time to reflect and to look for new challenges. So I stopped.

I'm so glad that I did. The ladies were magic and explained all about CSC, what they did and what their ethos and principles were (you can find this information ???? on the website).

After further discussions, paperwork and what appeared to be a very informal interview (I'm sure it wasnt but it was great it felt that way) I was accepted as a volunteer.

Here was my chance to make a new friend and give a wee bit of my time to someone who would benefit from a blether and a bit of "care and companionship" .

I was certain I would benefit too.

Then the Coronavirus came into all our lives. To be continued ....

Please read my next blog so I can let you know how the volunteers at CSC adapted to the situation and how I was finally able to contact my CSC friend.

Thank you for taking the time to read the CSC blog.


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