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Blethering With Annie #7

Hello everyone. I hope this wee blog finds you all doing ok. I hope you're all doing better than ok but ok is fine. Times are still difficult but as human beings we are very adaptable and tolerant. When I was young (and I was personally less tolerant) my mum used to irritate me by saying she didn't like to rush and she didn't like change. As I was always rushing about then I couldn't see where she was coming from, didn't take the time to ask her what she meant and sadly she's no longer here to give me her wisdom and insight now.  I'm now at an age where I don't like rushing and I don't like change (I'm hoping my mum's on a cloud somewhere having to hang on as she's laughing so much) but change I have and adapted because I've had to to this new world we have. The change of pace I like (no rushing for me) but change can be challenging and very worrying. We are all so unique and our situations so diverse. I think we are fortunate to have many excellent services to keep us and our loved ones safe, healthy and supported. Sometimes however the basics provided are not enough so it's important during these times, I think, to take a minute to smile with your eyes (the mask doesn't help) and engage with someone (if it's safe to do so) and hopefully make them feel valued. I'm still visiting my CSC friend and I understand how much of a difference that makes (for both of us). I was asked recently what I got from visiting my friend. It's a difficult question because I became involved on instinct but writing this has helped me see that maybe I can no longer get my mum's insight and wisdom but I can enjoy my friends. Keep yourselves safe and well (and keep smiling). A ☺

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