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Blethering With Annie #5

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Jings. After four blog entries over 4 months for the "Care and Share Companionship" website I've just been onto same and forced myself to read my blogs. I'm quite shy really (although no one ever believes as I'm always talking to someone) and found the experience a lot less unsettling than I had imagined. What a great wee website too.

Whilst on the site I took the time to read our other blogger Tammie's entries.

My goodness what a lovely and busy lady she sounds. Maybe, going into the future, I'll be able to meet Tammie and some of the other volunteers. Being new during lockdown has prevented that so far.

Talking of meeting people. I've finally met "D" my CSC friend. We've been talking twice a week on the phone since March and it was magic to finally put a face to the voice. What a lovely man too. We've met twice now, following all the safety protocols, and had  great conversations and a few laughs. I think the laughing will increase as we get used to each other in person. Speaking on the phone, as I've said previously, is great for really hearing what people are saying but listening to someone and seeing all their facial expressions and body language is the best.

I'll continue to keep you posted about life as a "CSC" volunteer.

Until the next time.


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