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Blethering With Annie #4

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

I'm a giant sunflower, the sun is out and I'm turning my face towards its rays.

That's how the easing of lockdown feels to me.

There might be rain and wind in between ruffling my petals but I know the sun is there and that's the way I'm facing.

Flowers and people are amazing. It's been a long and quite extraordinary four months.

It's been scary and very hard for a lot of folk but we're hopefully coming out the other end.

At the moment It's not going to be the same as pre lockdown however just to be able to do some normal wee things seems wonderful. It makes me appreciate them more.

For everyone it'll be different things.

I love going to the beach (it reminds me of being wee). For my husband it's going to the butchers. For my "CSC" friend, I call him "D" for diamond (you'll have read the previous blogs for an explanation of his moniker), it's getting back to choosing his own groceries, with the help of his good pal, and having coffee and cake afterwards.

What little thing is it that gives you joy?

Remember if you are feeling a bit weary with Covid -19 then turn your face to the sun and think of all the nice wee things you're going to start doing soon.

Until the next time.


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