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Blethering With Anne #3

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Hello again Care and Share Companionship (CSC) readers.

I hope that this "wee blog" finds you all doing well in these confusing and often worrying times.

Listening and sharing is so important normally but especially just now.

I'm lucky to have been accepted as a volunteer with 'CSC' and have had the privilege to become friends with an elderly Fife gentleman who I named 'D' for diamond in my previous blog entry.

To date D and I still haven't met in person due to the pandemic but we enjoy twice weekly phone calls. When I speak to D he can sound tired and a bit fed up but after a blether and a listening ear he always seems that bit happier.

We don't all have the time to be CSC volunteers however we can use their ethos. Social distancing means we can't do all our normal things but we can still safely smile (with our eyes as we're often wearing masks now) at the wee wifey at the bus stop and, from a social distance, listen to her chat until the bus comes. 

It's the small things that matter. I love it when someone smiles or says hello unexpectedly. It makes me happy. It's infectious in a good non coronavirus way.

The other person to remember just now is yourself. It's wonderful to be kind to others but it's equally important to be kind to yourself. When you're brushing your teeth in the morning smile at yourself in the mirror (if you're anything like me you'll be a vision).

Listen to how you're feeling and talk to people if you can. The phone is a wonderful way to communicate and you don't even have to have brushed your hair.

As Covid-19 continues to lessen in Scotland I hope that by my next blog entry I'll be able to tell you I've finally been able to meet D. Here's hoping but until then we'll keep smiling down the phone at each other and you keep smiling at yourself in the mirror.


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