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Career For Caring #3

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Hi there, it’s Tammie.

Here's my up date on being a Volunteer, Mum, Student and Wife.

To continue on from last month we had one final but important celebration, my Husband’s birthday. He’s a key worker that has been dealing with his rota being turned upside down, back to front and inside out. This has caused both of us to be better organised and it’s kept us on our toes. As his birthday fell whilst away, the boys and I had to be inventive by sneaking a card and a few treats into his work bag without being seen. We managed to surprise him without getting caught....

We then headed into phase one of COVID-19, allowing us to meet members of another household outside at a safe distance. The excitement of a change in our daily routine was certainly most welcome. It was much needed and a reward to everyone working together in such exceptional circumstances. Although I have to say I was unsure of what to say. What could we talk about? As it happened the concern was short lived as we soon found our flow of silly banter, talking and giggling as we did pre virus times. I’m just glad the weather remained fair and dry.

As a Volunteer, my duties of shopping for the vulnerable have remained the same. Although the Supermarkets have chopped and changed their entry rules, trying to keep up to date with the current rules. One store opened an outdoor Garden Centre and takeaway coffees are certainly becoming more popular. The queues were a hit and miss, one lady openly admitted that as an NHS worker she had been fortunate to gain entry so quickly and easily at the allotted pre work time. She decided to wait like many others on her days off, she felt this was a fair way to deal with things. Although she did mention she didn’t realise how long people had to wait at times. Most people made the best of the situation by having a wee chat with other members in the line, trying to entertain themselves.

Good Luck to everyone as we enter into phase two. May many new experiences be available and enjoyed!

Kind regards


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