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Career For Caring #4

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Hi, it’s Tammie the wife, mum, student and volunteer.

What’s new?

Over the last wee while life has changed for us all. There’s been a light at the end of the tunnel. More and more shops, businesses, restaurants and cafes have reopened.

It’s been great to see people out and about. My first outdoor experience with a cuppa at hand was fantastic. One of my friends joined me on a warm summers day.

It was a memory that will always last! Lots of laughs and plenty of sunshine.

My boys also got the chance to return to their favourite hobby. It was good for them to be around friends with a shared interest, talking about football games they’ve watched and players they’ve enjoyed. Perhaps they may have learned some new tricks of the trade. It has made them appreciate and enjoy what life has to offer. With that in mind, fun has returned bringing many smiles to their faces. It won’t be long before school returns in some form or another....

Shopping as a volunteer has become easier. The queues have reduced and the choice of products have returned. It’s great to see changes happening on a regular basis. Wearing masks have become mandatory in shops. This has helped to keep us safer whilst the changes are ongoing. It’s become a regular habit to always have hand sanitiser and masks at the ready when needed.

Hopefully everyone will have an opportunity to see old friends and family who stay further away. Enjoy and have fun in the sun!


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